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Anti-Democratic Straitjackets by Pia Eberhardt

Anti-Democratic Straitjackets Pia Eberhardt e-mail: The TTIP Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (sometimes called TAFTA) is an anti-democratic corporate investment agreement that allows corporations to sue sovereign states for loss of expected profits. This free trade agreement negotiated … Continue reading

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Who Cares? A Feminist Critique of the Care Economy

to read the 28-page study “Who Cares? A Feminist Critique of the Care Economy” published in August 2014 by the Rosa Luxemburg foundation, click on We live in an increasingly uncaring world. Patriarchal capitalism offers rich financial rewards to … Continue reading

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TTIP: Threat to Democracy and the Constitutional State

The TTIP. the largest free trade zone comprising 800 million of the EU and the US, is being secretly negotiated. Democracy and the constitutional state are threatened by 3-person arbitration courts where corporations can sue states and decisions are irreversible. … Continue reading

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Self-Determination Means Market Determination

We face the continuing dissolution of traditional types, forms and rules, not a new type, a new form or a new rule… What was once called estrangement or objectification should appear as workers’ own interest. Corresponding to the market has … Continue reading

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Video: “Occupy Love” (2013), 1 hr 19 min

Resistance is part of our nature as antibodies are part of our bodies. Economics should be pluralist, not monolithic as the economy should be part of life, not a steamroller crushing self-determination and creativity. to watch “Occupy Love” (2013), click … Continue reading

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A Brief Theory of the Market by Ulrich Thielemann, 2000, 21pp

A Brief Theory of the Market – Ulrich Thielemann, 21pp, 2000 Profit making is not profit maximizing. Studying economics today is like brainwashing. The economy must be embedded in society, not society in the economy. These important insights from professor … Continue reading

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The Abiding Economics of John Kenneth Galbraith

The Abiding Economics of John Kenneth Galbraith by James Galbraith, June 7, 2007 to read the 10-page article by Marc Lee and James Galbraith, June 7, 2007, click on… I want however to speak about Galbraith the economist, and … Continue reading

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TTIP Undermines the Constitutional State

TTIP, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, is a deregulation agreement, a great redistribution project benefiting mammoth corporations at the expense of women and the 99% in Europe and the US. We expect for Europe an intensification of the trend to … Continue reading

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Learning from Roosevelt: HIs “New Deal” by Stephan Schulmeister

to read “Learning from Roosevelt: His “New Deal” by the Austrian economic researcher Stephan Schulmeister, click on In the first phase Roosevelt concentrated in three areas: firstly, the social-psychological side of depression, combating despondency and despair, secondly, the strict … Continue reading

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